Trevor McGrathI think it is high time I introduce you all to my long time friend Trevor McGrath, the founder of Audible Alchemy. Did you know that our music is built around concert pitch with a center of 440Hz, or an “A” note? The problem is, your body, the earth, and the universe itself resonates at 432Hz…meaning, yes, we are are slightly out of tune! Nikola Tesla said “If you want to understand reality, start by studying frequency and vibration”. Well, We don’t need to do that, as Trevor is a musical master, and has done the leg work for us. Not only does the universe resonate at a different frequency, but a specific frequency and harmonic tones can be generated for each individual person, and Trevor can make, quite literally, the soundtrack for health and happiness…specifically tuned for you. I did, and Trevor made me a great 30 minute meditation tape tuned specifically for me, and he can for you as well!
Check out Audible Alchemy at any of these links…and be prepared to be amazed…

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Out Of My MindWhether you are a stressed out healthcare worker battling on the front line of a global pandemic, or an unemployed worker at risk of financial disaster, “Out of My Mind…and Intending to Stay There…a Battle Plan for Life” gives clear yet perhaps unorthodox solutions to achieving the Warrior mindset; its goal; the elimination of conflict. Written in easy to read (yet often harsh in language!) and conversational tone, this book is not a feel good book, it’s an action book, that produces results. See for yourself…I challenge you…

Amazon Book Reviews:



Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2019
Verified Purchase
“This book is full of no nonsense, non sugar-coated practices that will help you in your daily life and interactions. Definitely worth reading and incorporating into your life” ~DW

Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2019
“This book was fantastic! I certainly recommend taking the time to read for anyone who enjoys self growth literature. Very insightful and a quick ready as well.”~SC

My recent Podcast interview on the Palmer Files regarding my book “Out of My Mind…and Intending to Stay There”. Now is the time to adopt the hidden teachings of the Martial Arts to the conflicts of everyday life.


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