Is Life Unfair?

Is Life Unfair?

It’s common to hear “that’s not fair!” or “This shouldn’t be happening!” In fact, is it possible that we miss the most important lessons of our lives by doing so? Lessons that were somehow curated just for us…to lead us up to the next level? Surely, if an event IS happening, it is useless to be saying it shouldn’t be. Eckhart Tolle once said, and this is perhaps a paraphrase, “We are not unhappy because of what is happening now…we are unhappy because we thought it should be something else”. One thing is certain: only adversity builds strength of any kind. So if we expect that we should never be victimized, it would seem that we condemn ourselves to a life of weakness, a life of victimhood. So what do we do? Practice accepting every event, however distasteful, as a spiritual workout to increase your personal power. All you must do is say “OK” to everything that happens. Does that mean you will always win? That depends on your definition of winning. Winning isn’t a goal or an achievement…winning is a process…always being willing to accept what the NOW looks like. You must fall on your ass a thousand times to find your balance, and you won’t know what winning even looks like if you are constantly wailing “this should not be happening to me”. Winning is not what the world gives you, it’s what you earn by always being willing to accept the lessons.

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