Destiny or Free Will?

Destiny or Free Will?

When we decide to do something…to change our situation, start an exercise routine, enroll in college…anything…we think we are creating change…but are we, or are we following an unseen script that guides us? After all, we are the ones who decided to make the change…but where did the decision to do so come from? Maybe we cannot know, and maybe it doesn’t matter. When we watch a new movie, or read a new book, the story’s been written; the script as well, yet it is still exiting for us and we don’t even think of the fact that it’s all been written…for to us, its an untraveled path, and the ending is unknown…and that’s good enough.


One thought on “Destiny or Free Will?

  1. I believe each of us are significant to God’s plan, we all have a purpose and are placeholders in position for service. Yet, some are bound to roles assigned to their being, these selected are destined to arrive for service at Thee designated place and time.
    I don’t desire to be ignorant, I can study but not learn. I don’t desire to make mistakes over and over again. I don’t want to be stupid, but I often am. I am stubborn to some things. I am hot tempered at times. Though I practice patience, I am ofen impatient. I try to always do right, but sometimes i fail.
    I am an honest person, most likely to tell you the truth, and I love wholeheartedly and sincerely.
    However, I have learned this… it takes a special blend of traits for a person to accomplish certain tasks.
    If you feel you might be in a need to know situation and the light bulb doesn’t come on it might the devine timing conductor… the One Power Factor.
    God will flip on the switch to let you know what you need to know when you need to know it – if – you need to know.

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