For Pearl

What miraculous, unseen forces
brought you into our lives.
Once we saw your face,
We knew Pittsburgh wasn’t too far away.
I taught you to dance for treats,
You taught me to hide plastic bags.
I taught you to sing,
You taught me the cleverness that lived in your silence.
I taught you how much a man can love a cat.
You taught me that we never really owned you…
We were just sharing a ride, not knowing when we would be getting off.
But you heard your bell, and took your leave.
I hoped for much more than that…your face in the window, or hearing mommy’s car.
I’ll always hope you knew the depth of my love for you.

Little Pearlie-pie-poo.
The house is quiet now, and it hurts beyond my words.
But if I could send you away with anything, it would be the knowing that for however much it hurt to lose you,
I’ll never regret the ride.

My Dad Charlie. Charlie Sussman
The older I get, the clearer I see
The bar I’ll never reach.
Dedicated to Charlie Sussman (1925-1995)

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