“Out of My Mind…and Intending to Stay There…A Battle Plan for Life”

Now Available at amazon.com!

Coming Soon: Book signing and discussion at Abington Community Library, June 17th, 7pm. Watch for upcoming information!

With a lineage of Warriorship reaching back over 500 years and a lifetime of Martial Arts study and training, I have been empowering individuals to reach for their potential for most of my life through my writings, lectures, and teachings in a myriad of subjects from martial arts training and seminars to College and University classes and degree programs. From self-defense to digital media production, I continue to show the efficacy and universal application of Martial strategy for personal growth and development that transcends curriculum…using the student as the living experiment, and their achievement…the unbiased evidence of success.


“This book was fantastic! I certainly recommend taking the time to read for anyone who enjoys self growth literature. Very insightful and a quick read as well.”   ~S.C.

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