The 18th Victim.

The 18th Victim.

It is truly inspiring to see our young citizens making a stand to end school violence. A mass collective, they unify to give voice to the lawmakers, the adults; “We will not stand to live in fear one more day.” But let’s not forget, there is an 18th victim here. A victim that no one united to support. No one came to his aid, and said “I’ve got your back”. Not even when he cried out for help. It’s easy to say “it’s the gun laws that are at fault.” “The FBI dropped the ball”. No, we dropped the ball…all of us. When you were alone, and frightened, where was your backup, your army?

This is a good start, but we shouldn’t unify our voice about what we’re against; gasoline never put out a fire. We should be reminded of the words of Mother Theresa, who said “What you’re against weakens you, and what you are for empowers you.”
I am For the end of the violence.
I am for the easing of the pain of the families that lost so much.
I am an army that stands at your side, and will not leave, and knows you didn’t ask for this.
I am not afraid, and I stand for the victims.
I am not afraid to say…I stand for the 18th victim as well.


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