A perception of Interpretation…

A perception of Interpretation…

It is common for us to tally our wins and our losses, our conquests and defeats, and it seems equally common to attribute our negatives as the result of external forces…external sources. But what is your reality REALLY? It is your interpretation…purely your own…of stimuli from life events so that you can categorize and make sense… in our own way…of the meaning of our life. We all are prone to a colossal error though; which is that our interpretation is a statement of reality, in fact it IS reality. We rarely if ever question the voracity of our interpretation itself. We are not who we are because of the sum of all of our experiences; we are who we are because of the sum of the INTERPRETATIONS of all of our experiences. Clearly, it would seem obvious that an analysis of our interpretations would bear more fruit in our quest for a meaningful life…than our cries of injustice, over which we have no control.

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