Only the Spirit can Realize.

Only the Spirit can Realize.

“In the end I’ll know…but on the way I wonder” ~Cat Stevens
I’ll always remember that lyric, but I think its truth is often over looked.
Believing is the result of theorizing, and as such…it’s just a mental game. The mind feels, at first, curious… maybe lost, maybe lonely; it has to figure this shit out. Why is this one way, and that another way? What is the truth? What should I believe? It’s always worth remembering…that analysis, like dissection, is an aggressive act…resulting in the death of the observed. We take a life to find out what life is! How could that ever work?
In all our mental dissections, we create borders, boundaries and beliefs…and call it truth. Nothing you can ever think is the truth…any more than you can get wet from the word “Water”.
Our beliefs give us comfort in a sea of uncertainty…but at the price of dividing us all, and dissecting humanity.
Ultimately, the spirit will realize truth, but until then…I’ll be wary of beliefs.

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