Paradox of Ferocity.

Paradox of Ferocity.

That’s right. Only the truly dangerous are capable of true compassion. Dangerous individuals are strong, empowered individuals and in almost any situation, they do not feel threatened, so they can CHOOSE to be compassionate. A weak, powerless individual is not compassionate; his flaccid response to a situation is not choice; its the only response he is capable of, until he has been oppressed long enough to explode in rage.
Empowering individuals is the single most important thing a society can do to reduce violence.

3 thoughts on “Paradox of Ferocity.

  1. you make a good point. I agree. Dangerous individuals are strong. In extreme, Only those kinds of people will help others. Because they don’t care about their needs so much and they do not fear . They don’t feel sorry for themselves as weak people.

    1. Sometimes people appear strong and are not to be trusted; but that is an illusion; they are more likely Narcissistic, and are actually weak, pretending to be strong and are totally self-absorbed. Truly strong people have been broken by life and re-made themselves into a Warrior…so when they see someone broken, they are the most likely to reach out to help, because they have been there,,,and they are keenly aware that we are all connected…to help someone in need is to help yourself. to help someone…is to help yourself. Thanks for the response!

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