How is your adaptability?

How is your adaptability?

Some people seem to have everything under control, as if they lead charmed lives. If you examine the life of any of the true human heroes, you will see a life that survived conflicts that would crush most of us. We think that we should create control measures that would prevent some of these things from happening… but the more we try to exert rules and control on life, the more out of control life becomes. If we were to examine the lives of true Warriors; we would see that they don’t try to control anything, but they practice the art of adapting to the environment. We think they are magical, and in some ways they are… because they understand that you don’t even control your own heartbeat…trying to control the world is madness. If you want to see true Warriorship, start with the life of Viktor Frankl, or my 13 year old cat, Peanut.

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