We are part of this planet, as inferred by Alan Watts’ comment that “you didn’t come into this world, you came out of it” (listen here). But there is one distinction that possibly separates us from all other inhabitants of this planet, and that is entitlement. Fairness. This life must be equitable.
We demand fairness, we demand equality…we demand the very things that this world denies.
The world is not interested in your politics, your looks, your money or your gender.
If you are reading this, you’ve been given the same thing as everything else on this planet: a chance to survive.
Find food…try not to BE food…find water, find shelter. You’ve been given a chance, and it’s up to you, not the world, to make it a successful trip. YOU.
And that is wonderful, because that makes a successful life a life worth living.
#entitlement #Survival #itsuptoyou

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